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FAQ- Auto Accident

You’ve been in an auto accident.  What do you do?

Even a simple car accident can turn into a major headache as it often involves dealing with injuries, insurance companies, lawyers, and other parties remembering the chain of events slightly different. Even for the innocent driver in the accident, there are certain steps one should always take post-fender bender.

  •  Make sure everyone is ok – before concerning yourself with vehicle damage and exchanging insurance information, make sure that all parties to the accident are ok. If not, call 911.
  • Call the non-emergency police line – most insurance companies will take their customer’s side in a dispute about the cause of the accident.  Having a police report that details the facts from the accident is invaluable.
  • Start talking – to witnesses, that is. Get all the relevant contact information of any bystanders that may have seen the accident.
  • Take Pictures – having proof of the damage to the car will help with insurance, and serve as evidence if there is a dispute down the line. One helpful tip is to always keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment for these situations.
  • Get an attorney – Although you are never required to hire a lawyer for a car accident, often it makes good sense to do so.  A car accident lawyer can also be helpful for settling a claim, handling negotiations with an insurer, and reviewing any paperwork you receive from the insurance company.
  • Take a deep breath, everything is going to be ok.

We understand the confusion that can stem from the uncertainty of a car accident.  We therefore encourage you to make your first step a phone call to the Law Office of Arthur J. White III, P.C. While we cannot guarantee results, we can promise that should you work with the Law Office of Arthur J. White III, P.C., we will work hard for you.